On campus, in the community, and on the internet, I love to have conversations with interesting people. Here are a few: John Waters, Zeynep Tufecki, Ruth Ozeki, Jeffrey Selingo, Temple Grandin, David Shields (and this one), Regina Taylor, Ben Wizner, Gina Frangello, Oliver Harris, Ross Martin, Jamie Ford, Lauren Groff, Marie Benedict, Thomas Dyja, Aleksandar Hemon, Sherry Turkle, Blake Crouch and Jacque Ben-Zekry, Jean Kwok, Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), Barry Miles, Imbolo Mbue, Lance Olsen, and many others.


Much of my work is collaborative (as per this piece by William Walsh interviewing some of my collaborators in the Kenyon Review). I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Carlos Hernandez, Paul Miller aka dj spooky, Lance Olsen, Andi Olsen, Tim Guthrie, Stacey Levine, Cris Mazza, Mark Spitzer, Regina Taylor, Craig Saper, and William Walsh, among many others.

And some great writers have remixed my work, including Matt Bell, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Lily Hoang, Matt Kirkpatrick, Alissa Nutting, Kathleen Rooney, Ben Tanzer.

I also once got to sing (sort of!) with Jon Langford of The Mekons at the Chicago Humanities Festival!